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Adorable Toddler Goes Viral for Showing Love for Mama Mary

Mama Mary is a favorite religious icon, but it is said that though the Blessed Mother speaks to everyone, she particularly likes children. In a video that recently went viral, a girl could be seen showing her love for a small statue of the Blessed Mother – and it moved a lot of people to tears.

Shared by Facebook page, The Italian American Page, a small child could be seen walking at the lawn of what appears to be a house. It is not indicated whether the kid lives in this house or was just visiting, but her reaction to the statue of Mama Mary was what really got everyone’s attention.

Photo credit: The Italian American Page / Facebook

The kid is estimated to be around 1 to years old.

Upon seeing the statue of the Blessed Mother on the lawn located near the staircase, the kid rushed to explore what it might be. At this age, the kid certainly does not understand the significance of this little statue or know what it could be, but the child felt a connection.

Photo credit: The Italian American Page / Facebook

The still unnamed child touched the statue and explored it before suddenly giving it a hug without even being told to do so! She might be too young, yes, but this kid felt that this is a statue of a woman – and no less than the Blessed Mother!

Photo credit: The Italian American Page / Facebook

The kid stared in wonder at the small statue which was really just a few inches taller than herself. She broke away from the hug but would give the Blessed Mother another hug that got her mother sighing, asking the baby, “Do you love Mary?

Photo credit: The Italian American Page / Facebook

Thanks to this lovely video, a lot of netizens said they felt reminded about life and love.

Photo credit: The Italian American Page / Facebook

This is the sweetest video ever. Thank you for sharing! Your precious little girl is truly blessed,” one netizen wrote.

Talk about give you chills!!! Watch till the end! I BELIEVE! I believe The Blessed Mother was talking to Emma Jo & Emma Jo was listening! If you see at the end Emma Jo kneels & bows her head then gets up!!By Lisa Ladner

Posted by The Italian American Page on Saturday, April 27, 2019

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