Special Coating Makes Almost Anything Liquid-Repellent…Unbelievable but True!

How nice would it be if umbrellas and shoes were truly waterproof so that there’s no need to leave them outside the building to dry when you arrive at home or at the office?

The same goes for cars, house exteriors, and things you don’t want to get wet. It would certainly be nice if they were liquid-proof.

Well, for a few years now, liquid-repellent coating has been made available thanks to the genius minds behind products like NeverWet and Ultra-Ever Dry.

I had just stumbled upon this cool video showing just how awesome this coating can be.

This first video shows the most common uses of the coating. Watch and be amazed at how great it would be to have this product at home.

Now, I like their second video better – maybe because the chemist in me is amazed at how these people were able to make porous material like paper repel most kinds of liquid.

The company’s tagline is awesome: “Just add water…if you can!”

Superhydrophobic Coating

Now available for industrial applications, superhydrophobic coating has received much praise for years. But have you ever wondered why the technology is still not as widely known as it should have been?

Well, the reason for this is that, first, the coating is not very durable and would need repeated applications, especially in areas that are repeatedly subjected to the elements. Thus, even though this would have made an excellent coating for windshields and windows, the technology has not yet been used for this application.

Secondly, there is concern that this coating could have a harsh impact on the environment and the people frequently exposed to its chemicals. This is major concern, especially because of its nature. Just imagine the material reaching the rivers and seas, wreaking havoc in these ecosystems!

Still, I was amazed by these two videos. The coating seems promising. Let’s just hope they can address the other issues so this can be made available to the rest of the public, not just for industrial applications. I’d love to have waterproofed shoes!

But watch how this material proved extra helpful to one neighborhood in Hamburg, Germany: Tired of Smelling like Toilet, a German Party Town Created Urine-proof Walls and Fences.