6 Insider Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Travel

Travelling requires money– lots of it. But if you’re a wise traveler who prefers the quality of vacation over overspending on an expensive hotel, then keep on reading.

When you dream of a perfect holiday vacation, setting a budget for accommodation can take up a huge part of your savings because it can a very fancy and fancy means costly. But not in cases. If you do a little research, you can get very cheap hotel accommodations and sometimes, a free upgrade too!

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Below are some hacks for low-cost travels from booking a flight on sale to getting a free room upgrade.

1. Travel in January

People mostly save their leaves and hard-earned cash for the holidays. This means that in January, they start fresh with their savings and rest for awhile. This month is probably the most peaceful time to travel. Huge deals are available, too.

2. Book your Sunday nights in cozy city hotels

Travellers often leave on Sunday nights and off to their next destinations. If you book a hotel room at during this time, you are most lucky to get a bigger room and better service.

3. Take advantage of your mobile phones

Airline companies and hotels offer exclusive discounts if you use their mobile applications for booking.

4. Don’t underestimate loyalty programs

There are many benefits of being loyal. In traveling, you can use this to get free upgrades, huge discounts, and outstanding services.

5. Book late, arrive late

Many hotels offer great deals if you book late– also if you arrive late. Once they have all standard rooms filled, you’ll most likely be offered an upgrade for free.

6. Be polite

Some find being impolite their key to get special treatments from hotels. But that is not nice at all! Being polite to the hotel staff can bring you a long way– from free upgrades to getting lots of hotel freebies. They can even give you free meals if they would like!