This Guy Goes Viral after Unexpectedly Sharing UberPool Ride with ex-GF and Her New BF

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but Cupid has other plans for one guy who was just going to work when he unexpectedly shared a carpool ride with his ex-girlfriend. But before you think Cupid wants them to be together again, you’re wrong because the girl was actually with her new boyfriend! Ouch.

AJ Magallon shared on Facebook a photo of the unexpected encounter, joking that he’s going to complain about Uber’s app because something was surely wrong when he was matched with his ex-girlfriend and her new guy.

Hi, Uber PH, I matched with my ex and her new guy in Uber pool. Maybe there’s something wrong with the application. Valentine’s Day is near. Please have a fix on this ASAP,” Magallon posted on Facebook. Poor guy.

But how can he even make jokes about it? Well, the answer is that the break-up was rather amicable and that the two remained as friends afterwards. They are still, apparently, friends on social media.

Magallon later told ABS-CBN News, “I was picked up first by the driver then his cellphone alerted that we will pick someone up. So I checked the location of the other rider, then saw her name and the location.

There was, of course, nothing he could have done at that point to cancel the ride since he was already in the vehicle – unless he alights from the vehicle but he still has to pay the Uber driver for the ride, then.

I know naman na (boyfriend) niya ‘yun and they are vocal naman on their relationship in social media. I’m a cool guy naman so I just told them na ‘Hey guys, let’s take a pic together’,” he revealed.

Still, the situation was rather awkward, don’t you think so? Thankfully, he and his ex-girlfriend are still friends. It turned out they had been together for 2.5 years before breaking up last year.

But it seems the story isn’t ending soon…

Magallon later posted an update of his ex-GF’s new BF messaging him:

I’m excited to see where this story is going…