13 Tricks to Look Slimmer in Photos Instantly!

So, you look fat in pictures and you don’t have the time to hit the gym and you are not interested to go on a reducing diet? Worry no more! Sure, the camera does add ten pounds, but strategically positioning yourself in front of it can actually help you look like you’ve lost ten pounds!

Here are some tricks to get that slimmer look in photos instantly!

1. Don’t pose on a low angle.

Positioning the camera slightly above the subject’s eye line will produce a more flattering photo.

2. Place your hand on your hip.

Placing the hand on your hip will make your arm look slender.

trick to look slimmer in photos

Placing your hand on your hip will make your arm look slender.

3. Mind your posture.

Curved shoulders and drooping spines will not give your figure an elongated look. So, be mindful of your posture when taking pictures. Sit up or stand up straight!

4. Wear clothes that fit right.

Lousy clothes doesn’t only make you look sloppy but will also make you look like you’ve gained weight. Use clothing that is lightweight, is made of thin fabric like silk, whenever possible. Massive clothing will make you look heavier than your actual weight.

5. Twist your body a little.

Did you notice how models slightly twist their body in photos? Standing at a slight angle will give a slimmer look.

6. Wear clothes in a darker shade.

Wearing clothes that are in the darker shade will also slenderize your look. That’s what the little black dress is for.

7. Use the right filter.

A bronzed look will give you that model-like aura and look slimmer. For an instantly bronzed image, use a darker Instagram filter, like Mayfair or X-Pro II.

8. Keep your chin up and out!

Keep your chin up and out to hide that double chin. This will help to prevent any unappealing chin angles and will elongate your neck.

9. Pull your shoulders back.

Pulling your shoulders back will make your arms look slim, and will make you look more elegant and refined.

10. Cross your ankles.

Crossing your legs at the ankle and not at the knee when using a dress or skirt, will hide a portion of your thigh and will look leaner.

11. Make sure your arms are not pressed tightly to your body.

Positioning your arms slightly away from your body will make a more gratifying shot.

12. Stand somewhere in the middle.

Standing in the center and slightly turning your body in the direction of the person next to your results in the slimmest angle when taking a group photo.

13. Always strike a pose in your best angle.

Try doing a lot of selfies to find your best angle. When you’ve mastered posing in your best angle, you’ll always look like a model in any photo!

There’s no secret formula to look like a model in photos. Just follow these tricks to achieve that slimmer look!