10 Natural Home Remedies to Get Relief from Sore Eyes

Sore eyes is caused by a lot of factors like too much exposure to sunlight, incorrect glasses, allergies or even viral infections. It affects one in every thirteen people, and almost everyone, at one point in time has experienced it. Fortunately, there are many natural home remedies that could help relieve us from the discomforts caused by sore eyes.

Here are some items which you can find in your household that will relieve you of the symptoms of sore eyes.

1. Cold water

Splash some cold water on your eyes or wrap some ice cubes in a clean towel and put them over your eyes. This will ease the soreness from your eyes.

natural remedy for sore eyes

You can actually get relief from sore eyes by washing them with clean, cold water.
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2. Frozen Foods

Use frozen food items like frozen vegetables when there are no ice cubes or ice packs available. Put the frozen food item on a clean piece of cloth and for 10 minutes put them over your eyes. This cooling of the area around the eyes will give a soothing effect.

3. Slices of Cucumber

Just like the ice cubes, frozen food and cold water, cucumber has a cooling effect. Soaking cucumber in ice cold water for about 10 minutes and putting them on your closed eyelids for an additional 10 minutes is the best way to use them. This will cure any irritation or soreness from your eyes.

4. Rose Water

Plunge a piece of clean cotton wad in rose water and gently rub the cotton over your closed eyelids. Rose water will relieve the eye soreness because of its cooling effect.

5. Tears

Tears aid in lubricating the eyes and flushes out impurities. To induce tears, put a saline solution into your eyes using a dropper. You can make a homemade saline solution by adding table salt to a liter of distilled water.

6. Chilled Spoons

Chill at least 4 metal spoons on a glass of cold water separately. Place the spoons over the eyes one at a time. The cooling effect will relieve the soreness in your eyes.

7. Tea Bags

Bioflavonoids in tea aids in combating bacteria and infections. Put some green or black tea bags on your eyes for a number of minutes to decrease inflammation.

8. Milk and Honey Solution

Drop a solution of warm milk and honey in your eyes using a dropper to get relief from sore eyes.

9. Potato

Grate a piece of potato and put it over your eyes to lessen inflammation. You may also put a slice of potato over your eyes for 15 minutes and repeat the process for 3 nights the least.

10. Coriander Eye Drop

Grind some coriander leaves and extract the juice. Pour 2 drops of the juice into both eyes using a dropper.

While these home remedies are effective in giving relief from symptoms of sore eyes, let us remember to take care of our eyes and try to avoid some factors that may cause it.

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