Amazing Transformation: Extremely Overweight Guy Lost 300lbs with Yoga

He’s turning 40 years old and had hit the 500-lb mark – these and other reasons made Jared Mollenkopf think that it was high time for him to lose weight. He came across the yoga program by famed professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP).

With dieting and religiously following the program despite having a very difficult time during the first few weeks, Mollenkopf was able to lose 300 lbs within just 9 months! His is one of the most incredible transformations brought about by the yoga program.

What’s quite remarkable is that he was actually able to do it despite not being able to lift his legs or even sit properly in the first days of trying the program. While many people would have given up or lost excitement over the exercise program, Mollenkopf managed to push himself day after day until he finally saw amazing results.

Today, 300 lbs lighter, Mollenkopf just couldn’t believe the transformation he has undergone. He believes that the most important thing he has ever done to lose weight was to take the first step of acknowledging that he really had to slim down. This kept him going all those months, giving him courage to continue his quest to lose weight.

Watch this touching video of him reading his first blog post back when he was still 500 lbs heavy…


Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. – Wikipedia

There are many different schools (types) of yoga but all have the ultimate goal: moksha (liberation). The spiritual schools of yoga are under Buddhism (meditation), Hinduism (Classical Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Hatha yoga), Shaivism, Jainism, and Tantrism.

Aside from the spiritual aspects, yoga is also used in modern wellness – as in the case of Mollenkopf and the program he followed under DDP.