10 Amazing Reasons Why Love is Great for Your Health and Beauty

There’s no denying that being in love is the best feeling in the world. Having such strong feelings for someone gives you incredible inspiration, helps eliminate your fear, and makes you be the best version of yourself.

But do you know that the heartwarming feeling can also boost your health and natural beauty? This doesn’t just apply to the exciting honeymoon period of a relationship. Surprisingly, even couples in long-term relationships can reap the benefits of being in love.


Here are the surprising health benefits of being in love, according to Little Things.

1. It gives you energy.

Being in a loving and healthy relationship is similar to having a workout routine as it increases your energy levels in two ways. Loving improves your physical and mental energy. Moreover, the emotion makes you happier and gives you a lighter feeling.

2. It makes you feel and look younger.

The feeling of love boosts your positive feelings and somehow eliminates stressful feelings. Several studies have shown people in happy relationships tend to look and feel better as they grow older.

3. It makes you happy.

Being in a relationship gives you the opportunity to be more generous and kind to others which actually boosts our own happiness.

4. It reduces stress.

Having someone to talk with or share your everyday problems is great for your health as it reduces your stress, which is detrimental to your health.

5. It leads to internal growth.

Loving teaches us to become the best version of ourselves as we learn a lot from our partners, even indirectly.

6. It helps lower cancer rates.

A research carried out in the late 70’s revealed that people in happy long-term relationships are generally healthier than others and have lower cancer rates.

7. It makes your eyes brighter.

Your eyes appear more attractive when you’re in love as adrenaline and sex hormones make your eyes dilate. Now that’s what you call “the look of love”.

8. It makes your lips plumper.

Want Angelina Jolie’s plump lips? You might as well consider looking for your own Brad Pitt. Just like your eyes, your lips are affected by your love hormones.

9. It’s great for your hair.

Healthy hair actually depends on the pills you pop, the food you eat and your hormones. The love hormones make your hair shine!

10. It makes women’s breasts perkier.

Women’s breasts seem to appear perkier as having sexual intercourse increase blood flow to their breasts.

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