This “Mommy Wars” Video Will Make You Laugh and Then Cry at The End

From the type of milk, baby carrier, diaper, car seat, and sleeping set-up, a mom sees to it that she gives her child the best. However, with all the different styles of parenting nowadays, it is inevitable that moms differ in the choices they make. Thus, the beginning of mommy wars.

Similac’s new video “The Mother Hood”  presents the many faces of parenting. In the short video clip, different types of moms (and dads) were seen trash talking at the park. Breastfeeding vs formula feeding moms, cloth diapers vs disposable diaper mommies, stay-at-home vs working mothers, and even stay-at-home dads took part in the parenting “riot”.

After all the confrontation that took place, a brief moment of danger united the arguing parents.

“No matter what our beliefs, we are all parents first,” the message of the video read.

Since the video was published on January 17, the video has earned over 3 million views on Youtube.

Watch the awesome video about “Mommy Wars”.

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