Woman walks around New York wearing NO PANTS! How many noticed?

Would you dare walk around the streets of New York City without wearing any pants??? Well, a charming model did that – with amazing results!

ScribblerPH shared the viral video from Model Pranksters of a beautiful model who was only wearing a thong and painted-on jeans. I can surely admire the work of the artists who were able to create real-looking jeans.

The ultimate question is, did someone really take notice that this beautiful lady was wearing painted jeans, not real ones???


The video will truly surprise you! By the way, check out the saleslady’s reaction at the store where the ‘jeans’ were supposedly ‘bought’…

So, what do you think of the video? This social experiment wanted to check whether New Yorkers were too busy minding their own affairs that they would not notice a woman wearing no pants.

Well, technically, she was not wearing any pants but she was wearing pants-like paint, so unless the people were very observant or she was on a stage, it was typical that they won’t notice.

Most of the people filmed in the clip were walking! If she was really just wearing a thong with no painted jeans, then I am quite sure she won’t reach the end of a block without the more than half of the crowd noticing, right?

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