Three Guys Spread Christmas Cheer After Someone Gave Them $500

The LWS Tax and Accounting Services in Springfield, Ohio through partner Blake Shaffer gave a group called “Springfield USA” $500 to share with everyone at any way they wanted, the trio swiftly went out of their way to ensure that they can spread the Christmas cheer with as many people as they could find.

Instead of simply just handing out money to these people, Daniel Gummel, Chad Wilson and Ethan Dewhurst bought flowers and gift cards to share with them. The trio also offered to pay for people’s meal at some restaurants or give free car washes and gasoline to passing motorists.

Truly, it was a fun video to watch as these three spread the love in whatever way they could think of. Inspired by the trio’s actions, there were business establishments who added more money to their pool or provided people with various freebies. A number of recipients also “paid it forward”.

For example, General Manager Alex Pridemore of Goo Goo Express Wash in Springfield not only participated in a dance battle with the three but also shared more free carwashes with their clients.

At first, they were confused as to what the group was doing. “They were out in the middle of the road with their little megaphones and giving people free car washes,” Pridemore said. After they realized the group’s purpose, they also shared more freebies to their customers.

It is great that simple acts of kindness sparked a lot of ripples throughout the community.

Watch their fun-filled video here:

Merry Christmas Springfield!Spreading Christmas cheer in Springfield thanks to our friends at LWS Tax & Accounting! Enjoy the video and have a very Merry Christmas!

Posted by Springfield USA on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pay It Forward

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Pay it forward”. This simply means that the recipient of the gift or donation does not directly pay back the donor/giver. Instead, this recipient shares something else (anything, including money, time, gifts, talent, etc.) to help others.

In the pay it forward method of giving and receiving, the kindness from the original donor spreads out instead of just coming back to him/her.

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