Woman Pranks Husband with Fake Packages, Delivery Man Actually Shows Up for Real Delivery

One woman recently pranked her husband using fake packages – only for a delivery man to show up at exactly that moment with a real delivery! LOL. Her husband is flabbergasted!

Woman Pranks Husband with Fake Packages

These days, a lot of husbands are having financial troubles due to their wives’ fondness with online shopping. Many are left with lots of bills to pay for the shopping spree. What’s worse, online shopping has become so easy with cash on delivery options also available, making it easier for the ladies to go shopping to their hearts’ content.

Photo credit: Melissa Beeler / TikTok

Of course, lots of ladies have jobs these days but the family budget is greatly affected if the wife is fond of online shopping. This is quite a common experience that lots of memes and jokes have been shared over women and shopping, whether online or at a brick-and-mortar store.

Pregnant mom Melissa Beeler was cleaning up their house and realized that there were so many boxes from previous package deliveries stocked up at their garage. Before throwing the boxes away, she decided to use these to prank her husband, a firefighter.

As a firefighter, Ryan Beeler loves to prank his wife but he didn’t expect that she would get him this time. LOL. When he arrived from work, he was shocked to find lots of packages stacked up at their front door.

Melissa recorded his angry reaction as he saw these packages and mentally calculated how much everything cost. The prankster wife calmly told him that the packages were just a little something she bought because the baby needed “some things”.

The boxes at the entrance were actually empty, but right at that moment, a UPS guy arrived with a real package. Ryan looked like he’s about to blow up. Melissa had a good laugh over the prank and knew she succeeded!

The prank was quite a success online, too. It has since gained over more than 15 million views, 217k shares, and close to 3 million likes. Good job, Melissa!

Watch the video here:


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Safety in Online Shopping

While shopping has become so easy these days, it has also become easier for scammers to trick people out of their hard-earned cash. Here are some online safety tips while shopping:

  • Shop only at legitimate platforms
  • Make sure there’s a padlock before the URL you are visiting
  • Don’t use public WiFi when making a purchase
  • Check the return policy
  • Use strong passwords for shopping accounts
  • Regularly check credit card and bank statements
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