This Runner Wins the 600-m Race Despite Suffering a Fall

There’s this amazing story of a runner who refused to give up even when the going was tough and it looked like she would lose the race.

In the 600-m race at the Big 10 Indoor Track Championships in 2008, Heather Dorniden fell on the track in the middle of the race. She lost a few precious seconds as she scrambled to get up and run back on track, with the other girls already far ahead of her.

Despite the now large distance between her and her opponents, Heather did not give up. She stood up and continued the race, sprinting as hard as she could to bridge the gap created by the fall. People cheered hard as they watched her moving swiftly behind the other ladies.

She even had to run on the outer lane so she could move past the others without tripping them. Would you believe that she won the race? Another lady was almost to the finish line when Heather swooped fast and hit the line first! It was awesome!

The video of this incredible win might be grainy but watching it had me on my feet, cheering Heather on as she moved towards the finish line. I just could not believe she won the race!

Check out her amazing feat in this video:

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