Woman Orders Real Cake after Daughter’s Friend Thought a Stock Image was a Real Gift

These days, it is easy to find lots of stock images on the internet that you can use of various events, occasions, or anything you want. But one mom who found a stock image of a beautiful cake used it to greet her daughter’s friend – and the girl thought it was actually a real gift!

Virginia Kavanagh made the well-meaning gaffe in 2016 but it was only recently shared by her daughter, Lauren Faulkner (user @lauzyfaulks) in a post on Twitter.

According to Lauren, her mom had searched for a stock image to greet her friend, Bethany Campbell Brown, who was celebrating her birthday. But the cake looked so real and it had ‘Beth’ on that it made Bethany think it was a real gift for her birthday.

Photo credit: Lauren Faulkner / Twitter user @lauzyfaulks

It didn’t help that her caption really made it appear that they had the cake made because she mentioned about the girl being their ‘favorite’.

Happy 18th birthday princess, hope you have a wonderful day, you have always been our favourite!! Lots of love VV & Stephen xxx,” Virginia wrote in the post.

After seeing what she thought was a personalized cake for her, Bethany happily replied.

OMG CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!! Thank you so much, Virginia and Stephen! I’ll need to pop round today and have some xxx,” she wrote.

Photo credit: Lauren Faulkner / Twitter user @lauzyfaulks

Panicked over the situation but not sure how she should tell Bethany that the cake was actually a stock image, Mom Virginia decided to find a baker who would make the rush order for the girl.

Amazingly, the baker was actually able to create something that looked like the exact copy of the cake! Impressive, huh?

Photo credit: Lauren Faulkner / Twitter user @lauzyfaulks

Over 3 years later, Lauren shared pictures of the cake and her friend’s tweet on her own account.

To this day I still think about when my mum found this random cake on goggle to post happy birthday to Beth and Beth thought my mum bought her the cake. My mum felt too bad to admit it wasn’t hers so she paid £200 to get a replica made for the next day 😭😭😭,” Lauren shared.

As Twitter users pitied her ‘poor mom’, Virginia messaged her daughter that she forgot to add how Bethany didn’t even actually eat the cake and just left it to go hard at their house. Ouch.

Photo credit: Lauren Faulkner / Twitter user @lauzyfaulks

What’s a Personalized Cake?

As opposed to standard cakes that you can easily buy off grocery or bakery shelves, personalized cakes are made according to your order. Often, this includes the celebrator’s name and things that he/she likes or stuff that go best with the theme.