WATCH: American Runner Loses 10k Race to British Rival After Celebrating Victory Too Early

You’ll probably agree that the most interesting part of a marathon race is the moment a runner realizes his or her victory just before reaching the finish line.

American runner Ben Payne was just a few feet away from victory in Peachtree men’s open 10k held in Atlanta, Georgia when he thought of celebrating his win. The 33-year-old US air force pilot was seen lifting his finger in victory when British Olympian Scot Overall beat him by just 9/100ths of a second.

Overall, who was the fastest runner in the 2015 London Marathon, finished the 6.2-mile run in 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

Payne was spotted grimacing for a moment before putting his hands on his hips after realizing that he lost the race to his British rival.

Luke Nichols, a spectator at the event, shared: “It was an incredible finish. Payne’s victory was supposed to be all the more sweeter as the race was on American Independence Day but this time the Brits got their own back with a victory.”

The annual 10k marathon race is a yearly 4th of July tradition in Atlanta.

After being deemed as the winner of the sports event, Overall tweeted a message that seemed to make fun of his opponent.

“Pleased to take the win today at the Peach tree 10km. Always run through the line! #Peachy,” he wrote on Twitter.

Watch the video below.

What is a Marathon?

A long-distance running event that covers 26 miles or 42.2 kilometers, marathon is an Olympic event for both males and females and are run all over the world in different terrain types.

In most cases, runners begin together in a mass start or are dispatched according to gender and ability. Marathon runners must undergo extensive training program that involves running and resting to make sure that the body is not damaged.