The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Dubbed by marketers as Mother Nature’s sports drink, coconut water is considered a tasty alternative to water. Offering an array of health benefits, coconut water is naturally fat- and cholesterol-free, low in calories, and has more potassium than bananas. Moreover, the coconut water’s clear liquid contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, bioactive enzymes, phyto-hormones, and cytokine.

Drinking coconut water has become a health craze in the US that several athletes and even celebrities have attested to the power of the thirst quencher.

coconut water

Here are some health benefits of coconut water according to LifeHack.

  1. Effective Hang-over Remedy

If you had too much alcohol after a night of partying, drink coconut water to replace the electrolytes lost due to frequent urination and vomiting.

2. Better than Energy Drinks

Instead of consuming energy drinks, it is better to drink coconut water to hydrate yourself. Rigorous exercise and training makes your body lose mineral-rich fluids and these need to be replaced. A glass of coconut water contains 5 mg of natural sugar and 294 mg of potassium which can certainly boost hydration more than any other energy drinks which usually contain five times the amount of processed sugar and half of the potassium count.

3. Facilitates Weight Loss

Coconut water is a natural appetite suppressor and has extremely low fat content so it certainly aids in your efforts to lose weight.

4. Helps You Achieve Picture-Perfect Skin

If you want to get rid of blemishes or acne the natural way, try applying coconut water on your skin. Moreover, it has moisturising effect when taken orally. It also eliminates large amounts of oil. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since many facial creams, lotions, shampoos as well as conditioners contain coconut extracts as one of their ingredients.

5. Prevents Indigestion

Having trouble with digestion and acid reflux? Try drinking coconut water for relief as it has high concentration of fiber.