Teenage Pinoy Recreates Life-Size, Fully Functional BB-8 Using Household Items

While many Star Wars fans prefer to collect memorabilia from the iconic science fiction film, this Pinoy fan decided to actually create one.

Angelo Casimiro, a 17-year-old Physics major from De La Salle University, has recreated a life-size fully functional BB-8 using Arduino circuitry and some household items including a Christmas ball, a deodorant cap, a router antenna, and roll-on deodorant balls, reports Gadget Match. 

Building DIY gadgets is nothing new for the young innovator as he has been doing this since he was 4 years old. Casimiro, who comes from a family of scientists, is a National Robotics Champion who has participated in various international competitions including the Google Science Fair and the the International Robotics Olympiad.

Features of Casimiro’s version of the BB-8 include the capability to roll, patrol and emit droid sounds like its movie and Sphero counterparts. But unlike the real BB-8, it doesn’t have hologram capabilities and the ability to respond to voice commands. Casimiro is currently improving his BB-8’s stability because it will soon be featured in a TV show.

His upcoming projects for his channel include The Portaverter (220v power bank), The Portable Fridge Lunchbox, and The DIY Bluetooth Boombox. Casimiro is hoping to mass produce solar-powered cars in the future.

Speaking to GADGET MATCH, he said: “Making something work is really rewarding! I also earn money from it. So far, BB8’s my favorite (project). I get the ideas from things around me. I’m just thankful God gave me a mind creative enough for the knowledge I have for making things.”

Watch the video below.

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