What Technologies Can Help Real Estate Agents?

The job of a real estate agent is not easy. With so much competition, one must give themselves an edge to stand out among the rest. A homebuyer’s choice to go with one real estate agent over another can depend on a number of factors, so it is important that agents stay ahead of the curve to give themselves a competitive edge and build their clientele. If you’re a real estate agent looking to stand out against the competition, here are some of the best technologies to give you a head start.


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Cloud Services

Cloud services make it easy for real estate agents to share files and collaborate on documents, making these types of services must-haves for any real estate agent looking to step up their business. Instead of having to email or fax documents back and forth to clients, real estate agents can use cloud services like Dropbox to instantly share important files and documents. When somebody makes a change to a document, it gets updated in real time and the other user can see it. Cloud services take a lot of the hassle and grunt work out of a real estate agent’s job, making these services essential to anyone looking for a way to make their life easier.

Helpful Apps

These days, it seems like there is an app for virtually anything. Luckily for real estate agents, there are certain apps that can be helpful in a variety of ways. GreatSchools, for example, shows users stats about the kindergarten through 12th-grade school districts in a particular area, as well as test scores and parent reviews. This will help when selling homes to families who are concerned about buying in a district that will give their students a quality education. Another popular app, Houzz, serves as an inspiration board for home buyers looking for interior design inspiration for their new homes. Other popular apps like DocuSign, Evernote, and even Pinterest are great tools for real estate agents and can make your job easier altogether.

Smart Speakers

These days, it seems like almost everyone uses some kind of smart speaker system in their homes. These systems can be especially helpful for real estate agents, as this type of technology can act as a virtual personal assistant. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Apple HomePod are all great smart speaker systems that can help real estate agents plan their schedules and keep track of important things like showings. If a client has a specific question like “how much house can I afford,” an agent can use a smart speaker system to find out the best answers quickly and hands free. Smart speakers are also a great option for any new real estate agent who can’t afford to hire a personal assistant, as many of these systems are cheap, mobile, and make life a heck of a lot easier.

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