Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Summer is the perfect time to have fun, especially because the weather is great for swimming at the beach or simply hanging out with friends. With school out for some 2 months, summer is also the perfect opportunity for college students to earn a few extra cash.

Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent places where you can find part-time work even just for the summer.

Here are some of the best jobs you can find during summer break.

Blogger/Freelance Writer

Now that you have extra time in your hands, you might want to start blogging or do a stint in writing.

The good news here is that you can easily extend this job when you get back to school. Of course, you have to be good in English to be able to do this job as most websites are in English. There might be jobs for writers in Filipino-language websites yet those are rare to come by.


To find a job as writer/blogger, you can simply search the web as these jobs are posted online.

Virtual Assistant/CSRs

There are companies who hire virtual assistants or customer service representatives (CSRs) on a temporary basis. For example, some BPOs hire CSRs to cover the expected increase in volumes of calls for florists during special occasions such as Mother’s Day.

Government Worker

Well, you have not yet graduated but you can already work in the government through the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES). This is not just limited for college students but also gives a chance for high school students to find work during summer vacation.


It might be a bit harder to find a temporary job just for summer, so you could also opt to become an entrepreneur by selling stuff to your friends or on an online store. It would be costly to create an online store with your own website but you can easily sell stuff through Facebook and other social media.


Aside from selling online, you can also sell stuff to your neighbors and friends.

Restaurant/Fast Food Chain Staff

There are plenty of restaurants and fast food chains that welcome addition hands during summer, especially because the influx of tourists and travelers often bring more customers. You might even get lucky and have this part-time job extended even when you get back to school.

Tour Guide/Photographer

Are there tourist spots in your locality? You can earn some extra cash by becoming a tour guide. You can organize tours via online traveler sites or through Facebook.


These are just some of the summer job ideas for college students [though these can apply for high school students and even those out of school, too!]. Remember, you can still have fun while you earn some extra cash this summer. Enjoy!