Student Takes Own Life after Getting Bullied for Appearance, Sister Slams Bullies

Everyone is different. We were all made differently. In fact, no two persons are ever exactly alike – even identical twins have differences!

What’s sad is that society has its ideals and those who don’t conform to these images are often ostracized and treated differently. Worse, they get bullied for their looks or the things that make them different from others, including their sexual orientation and beliefs.

One student in the Philippines took her own life after getting bullied for her appearance and gender confusion, leading her sister to write a heartfelt post on social media to slam the bullies and encourage others to stop bullying.

Czarine Santos shared how her sister had taken her own life last January 24; although she did not elaborate on what had happened. She simply recalled the last happy moments she had with her sister as they sang the hit song “Hayaan Mo Sila” where they ended up laughing because they had no idea what the lyrics were, really.

She also mentioned that she had noticed her sister’s ‘pretty haircut’ but was looking forward to getting her “Barbierized” in her high school graduation in two months but the girl took her life.

Czarine slammed the bullies:

This is an awareness post to everyone that bullying at school, regardless if public or private, catholic or not, do exist. Also, an empowerment post about homosexuality.

I hope everyone learned from what happened to my sister. Words can kill a person. To all the students who bullied my sister because of her appearance and gender confusion, may you all find peace of mind. You destroyed someone’s future. You destroyed a family.

She ended her post with a message to her sister.

My dearest sister Sophia, you are beautiful and we love you whatever you may become and whoever you will be. I will miss you forever and I will never forget your beautiful eyes and smile.

May you rest in peace. I love you.

It’s really sad what bullying can lead to – and one innocent life has been taken because of the hurtful words of others.

Rest in peace, Sophia.