11 Dog Signals and What They Mean

Does your dog love to stare at you? Do you sometimes wonder what he means when he brings you a toy?

Dogs have been interacting with men for thousands of years. They have a special way to communicate with their humans. But do we really understand what they mean? There are several studies that reveal how dogs think and what they mean when they interact with humans.

Here’s a list of what your dog is trying to say when he does these:

1. Staring means “I love you”.

Dogs show their love by looking at you eye to eye. A well-known dog expert, Brian Hare has said that when your dog looks into your eyes, he is “Hugging you with his eyes.” Staring with love release oxytocin, similar hormone that helps mothers connect with their babies.

dog staring

Your dog is trying to tell you he loves you when he is staring at you.
Photo Credit: The Times UK

2. Bringing you a toy means “I want to spend time with you.”

Bringing you a toy suggests more than just the desire to play. They want to share something they important with you. As the saying goes, “Sharing is caring.”

3. Sleeping in your bed with you means “You’re my family”.

When dogs want to sleep with you instead of being alone, it means that he recognizes you as family.

4. Waiting for you at the door means “I missed you today”.

Dogs show that they miss you, when he can’t wait to see you walk through the door, and overwhelms you with attention.

5. What he does and what it means when you are about to leave home…

If your dog is looking at you silently before you leave him alone or does not pay attention to you, it means he is at ease and trust you to return. If a dog panics when you leave it usually indicates separation anxiety which may result to harmful behavior at home.

6. Their eyebrows and ears mean something too.

Dogs tell you if they trust you and tell you what they feel by using their eyes and through body language. A study in Japan discovered that, when dogs see their human family, they lift their left eyebrows, but were not likely to react at all if they see a stranger. They might just arch their right eyebrow. If dogs like a toy they would shift their left ear back and if they don’t like it, they would shift the right ear back.

7. Cuddling means that you are their best friend.

After a meal if dogs are cuddly, it means that you are their best friend and that he loves you.

8. When your dog is leaning and pressing against you, he means “hello” or that he trusts that you will protect him.

A form of hug or a “hello” for dogs is and pressing against you. Dogs also do this to signal that they are afraid or anxious because he knows you will protect and keep him safe.

9. What your dog means when he’s yawning…

A study reveals that when a dog yawns it is because the dog has a union with that person. This usually occurs during a relaxed situation. However, dogs yawning may also mean they are disturbed or anxious, during a stressful situation.

10. Sitting at your feet may mean three things.

Dogs sit on your feet to protect you. Dogs do this for 3 main reasons: to feel protected with you, to warn other dogs that he is with you and will protect you.

11. Putting a paw or giving you a snuggle means, “I’m here to comfort you.”

If you show that they are sad by crying, dogs may get close to you, put a paw or try to snuggle you when you are upset. Dogs are sensitive to our emotions and know how to respond when you are distressed.

Which among these signals does your dog do often? Leave a comment below.