Shirtless Durian Seller Attracts Customers (and Fans), Authorities Tell Him to Put Shirt Back On

A shirtless durian seller attracts many customers and fans – but after he went viral, the authorities told him to put his shirt back on!

What do you think of his antics – business strategy or does he just want to flex his abs? LOL

Muscled Durian Seller Attracts Customers (and Fans) by Selling Shirtless

When it comes to running your business, it’s very important to find a way to attract your customers – and make them stay and come again, of course.

Recently, a durian seller went viral for a not-so-unique but impressive business strategy. It didn’t even cost him a thing because the only thing he did was take his shirt off.

And while the smell of durian isn’t for everyone, seller Ery Syarif of Terengganu, Malaysia, is attracting a lot of customers and fans with his shirtless getup.

Many people went to his makeshift store to buy the durians – and he might even become a model soon, if the marketing bigwigs realize that he has the potential to sell their products.

There were even people who went there just to take photos with him, though we’re hoping that they either bought some of the durians or were able to influence some of their friends to buy.

However, netizens were divided on whether this was a good or bad idea.

Posts on social media showed that some netizens feel unimpressed, even uncomfortable, over the photos.

If you can, try to buy from sellers who cover up, no matter if they’re a man or woman,” one netizen commented.

The authorities also want him to put his shirt back on.

In response to the backlash, the seller explained that he feels he was not doing anything wrong.

I’m not selling my dignity. I still have my pants on and [I’m] not just wearing my underwear. It’s just that you can see a bit of my belly button,” he insisted.

Laws Against Selling Shirtless in Malaysia

This durian seller might be making waves online but he could be sent behind bars if he continues to sell without a shirt on, defying the authorities.

Apparently, there’s a law in the locality (Section 35 of the Terengganu Syariah Law Enactment) that prohibits anyone from exposing their body parts in public. It’s just a lack of shirt but he can get in trouble with the law about it. Ooooops!

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