Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones in the Philippines

Whether looking for a gift for the Christmas holidays or for special occasions like birthdays and your kids’ achievements, it is always nice to choose those that are timely and useful for the recipient.

Your loved ones in the Philippines might have different needs than those around you now, so you could check out stuff they want or surprise them with any item from our list.

gift ideas

Here are RachFeed’s top 10 gift ideas for your loved ones in the Philippines, in no particular order.

1. A new smartphone

There are plenty of smartphones you can buy for less than P8000 – and these are already great options because the cameras can take 5MP photos, plus a whole lot of other options.

2. A netbook or laptop

This would be especially useful for students but also great for anyone in the family because the gadget can help you get in touch with them. If your kids don’t have a laptop or netbook yet, then this is a good time to surprise them with one.

3. Tablet

If the laptop or netbook is too expensive, a tablet would be the next great option for communication and better functionality on some aspects, compared with a smartphone.

4. A watch

Giving your family a watch is a subtle reminder that they should make good use of their time, without making it appear insulting or rude. Plus, there are really many nice watches that are affordable and stylish for them. Many would enjoy receiving a watch because it is a useful accessory.

5. A bag

Bags are awesome gifts but make sure you pick one to suit the style of your recipient. For example, a boyish girl won’t appreciate a lady’s bag but would be overjoyed with a backpack.

6. Toys

Don’t laugh at this because toys are not just for kids! I don’t mean the naughty kind, either. For example, a lot of boys and big boys enjoy remote control toys – that’s based on personal experience. The bigger, the better. Pick not-so-common choices such as helicopters and boats.

7. Shoes

The good thing about shoes is that you can find a wide range of varieties that suit every lifestyle and preferences. However, I would suggest you ask your family member to measure their feet with a ruler, not just tell you the size because shoe sizes can vary, depending on the unit of measurement and the shoe style.

8. A new TV

For the entire family, you can pick something that everyone can enjoy. A new TV would be a good idea, especially if the one in the house has lived over 10 years.

9. A new appliance

Aside from a new TV, you can also opt for an appliance that they would find useful. There are small ovens available on sites like Lazada that you can purchase for your family to enjoy. They can try their hand at baking – who knows? It could be the start of a business idea for an extra income for your family next year!

10. Money or GCs

Let’s face it – each of our loved ones in the Philippines has that one thing in mind to buy this Christmas. Money or GCs could be something they would prefer to receive but just a bit shy to ask directly. By giving them cash, it would be easier for them to buy something they really like, the shoe that would really fit them, or something they had always longed for.

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