Postman Interrupts Wedding to Deliver Package for Bride

A postman recently went viral for interrupting a wedding to deliver a package for the bride – and it’s so hilarious everyone’s sharing the photos on social media! LOL.

Weddings are among the most important events in a person’s life; thus, every bride and groom want to make sure everything happens as planned and that they would have the wedding they had always dreamed of.

On the other hand, a postman who’s serious about his job also knows that he should deliver the packages he is supposed to deliver that day.

Photo credit: Twitter / @penyp3n

Now, what happens when the bride has a package delivery but the postman is also in a hurry to get on with other deliveries so he could finish his tasks for the day? Well, that means a wedding is going to be interrupted! LOL.

A woman named Peny (@penyp3n) was getting married to her long-time boyfriend. But even before they could sign the marriage certificate, she had to sign an entirely different document during the ceremony because a postman arrived to deliver a package she bought from an online store!

It was so hilarious how the postman shyly interrupted the wedding to get the bride to sign the package’s delivery sheet that everyone had a good laugh. The bride gamely signed the document and showed off the parcel before the two posed for a photo with the guy.

Hmm, I can now predict what my future will be like if even on our wedding day, a postman shows up to deliver your parcel,” Peny joked.

Photo credit: Twitter / @penyp3n

Netizens loved the photos! Many asked whether they asked the postman to join the reception while others commented that this guy must be the most dedicated postman of all.

When you want to get married but Lazada has a sale,” another netizen joked.

Photo credit: Twitter / @penyp3n

That postman’s face was hilarious. He probably thought to himself, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Please sign quickly!” another wrote.

Do you think the postman did the right thing?