Homeless Employee Impresses Undercover CEO, Receives a Raise and Gets Promoted

Angel is one of the first employees in a branch of Modell’s Sporting Goods; it was but expected that she would be the one to train a new employee. Enter Joey, a newbie who still has to learn the ropes of the business – unknown to Angel, he is not actually a new employee (and his name is not Joey) but the company’s CEO, Mitchell Modell, who is on an undercover mission.

As Angel taught “Joey” the ropes, the latter was quite impressed with her attitude and dedication to her work. Then, she began to share her story about being homeless with her three kids for two years now, not to make him pity her (she told him he shouldn’t feel bad for her) but to encourage him that things will get better and that he just has to hold on.

Touched by Angel’s plight and impressed by her work, the CEO gave her a $14,000 raise and promoted her to Assistant Manager. He also gave her a check of $250,000 so she and her three kids can buy a home and never have to live at the shelter again.

Shocked by the amazing turn of events, Angel cried and hugged the CEO who was also crying. SF Globe reveals that Mitchell would later visit Angel and her family in their new home, bringing along brand new mattresses as gifts.

As for Angel, she was truly happy with her new home. She said, “Just to have my own keys — I am so excited.

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Undercover Boss

A reality show that places a company’s high-ranking official to the low ranks to investigate just how their firms work, Undercover Boss has led to a number of realizations for these bosses in terms of what needed to be improved in their company and what could be done for their employees. The boss then rewards the best employees he/she met within the week or two that he spent as an entry-level employee.

At the end of their undercover time, the boss invites the employee to the headquarters and reveals their true identity plus the surprise awaiting this model employee – the rewards usually come in a raise or money but for exceptionally bad employees, they could get a terrible reward: termination on TV.

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