Philippines Sets New World Record For Biggest Serving of Lechon

Agricultural company Calata Corporation celebrated their 16th anniversary in a very unique way – they set a world record.

The event was held last Sunday at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines where they broke the current record of the world’s largest roast pork serving. Guinness World Records representative Lucia Singagliesi was present to observe everything as Lydia’s Lechon cooks roasted the 330 pigs provided by Brookfield’s Meat Inc, a subsidiary of Calata. Eventually, all the meat were chopped off to pieces.

The total weight of the lechon was 4,046 kilos defeating Mexico’s record of 3,094 kg of cochinita pibil.

As per the rules set by Guiness, the lechon were given away to attendees at the end of the event. Additionally, Calata also gave 30 lechon as a donation to different charitable groups. Rizza Diaz hosted the event while other local celebrities performed and entertained the audience.

How to Set or Break A World Record

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