New Mother Had A Double Overwhelming Moment As Her Newborn Baby Help Her Dad Propose

We all love tear-jerking movies and videos. When we watch videos on YouTube we can’t help but watch the other videos in the suggested column. That is how we are a sucker for all things beautiful.

Most of the time, the touching moments that we can’t get enough of are videos of mothers giving birth and seeing their babies for the first time, and also proposal videos. Who doesn’t love a sincere proposal captured on video, right?

The video we have here has them both, talk about a double whammy.

New Mom Alizah Rodriguez is in a hospital bed at the Albany Medical Centre in New York waiting for the nurses to put her newborn baby in her arms.

Alizah’s boyfriend, Devontae Gonzalez is seen in the background watching his baby girl as a nurse holds her.

Note 1


Finally, the nurse gave the baby girl to Aliza. She was so distracted by her baby and her emotions that she did not even realize that there was a note attached to the baby.

“When the baby was placed in my hands, I first thought the card was just a formality because it had her footprints on it,” said Alizah. “When they brought it to my attention and I began to read it, my eyes began to squint as if I were about to cry but I guess I was so exhausted that my body just couldn’t come up with the tears.”

Note 2


It was not until the nurse pointed out the note that she noticed it. You can see how nervous Devontae is while he was watching her read the note.

The note read:

Hi, Mommy! I’m so glad to finally be here!

But first things first, a couple of months ago while you were sleeping, Dad was talking to me through the “intermom” and told me to give you a message…

But I forgot so I’ll let Dad tell you. Congrats Momma.

Note 3


That’s when Devontae kneeled down, hospital background and all, with their engagement ring in hand. He told Alizah how he loved her.

“After reading the card, my heart melted at the thought that our daughter helped him propose to me,” said Alizah.

Note 4


Of course, she said yes!

Is it dusty here, or something? My eye is hurting.

Watch the double whammy video here:

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