Men Can Recognize If A Woman is a Heartbreaker, Study Says

Just by looking at her photos, men have the ability to recognize if a lady is a cheater, a recent study claims.

A team of researchers at the University of Western Australia asked male participants to assess 17 pairs of photographs where one lady has unswerving loyalty to her partner, while the other displayed infidelity at least twice.


Without additional information about the ladies provided, the participants were then tasked to identify which of the two ladies is a cheater.

The researchers found that majority of the participants correctly identified which lady fooled around with men other than her partner in between 55%  to 59% of the tests.

“When asked to choose the more faithful of two women they performed significantly above chance,”the study said.

Dr Samantha Leivers, the study lead, stressed that the result is not 100% accurate and further studies must be conducted to determine the visual cues men use to identify a woman’s faithfulness.

We show for the first time that men’s judgments of faithfulness from images of women can contain a kernel of truth when they are able to directly compare images in a forced choice task,” Dr Leivers said.

The study was published in journal Plos One.

Signs That Your Partner is Cheating On You

Worried if your significant other is fooling around?

You’re certainly not alone. And not everyone has the radar to determine if his or her partner is having an affair.

If you suspect that your partner is bound to break your heart, we’ll help you piece everything together by giving you some common signs of cheating, according to Affair Care.

  1. Your gut feeling tells you something isn’t right.
  2. They display unusual behavior such as becoming distant, uninterested, or forgetful.
  3. If your partner’s clothes smell of an unfamiliar perfume, it’s a telltale sign he or she is having an affair.
  4. Your partner suddenly feels uncomfortable around you.
  5. Setting of new e-mail or social media accounts is another clue.