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‘Magic’ Glasses Help Man See His Family for the First Time

Born with Stargardt disease, a degenerative eye condition that slowly makes a person lose vision, Gene Purdie has never seen his wife’s and son’s faces. But thanks to the Rachel Ray Show, he was able to receive a pair of ‘magic’ glasses that allowed him to see his family for the first time.

According to NTD TV, Gene was born with the medical condition but was only diagnosed when he was about 17 years old. While he had normal eyesight at first, he gradually lost his vision although he never lost his zest for life despite his condition.

His wife Joy revealed that when they first met, she noticed him walking many times in front of her as if trying to catch her attention but he didn’t stop to say anything to her. The next day, he did the same thing and she asked him about it but was shocked when he told her he was actually blind.

Screenshot from video by Rachel Ray Show / e-sight

Despite not really seeing her face at all, Gene would fall in love with Joy and they would get married and have a son named Lincoln.

While Gene had come to terms with his condition after going to many doctors and receiving the same answer that there was nothing that could be done to bring him back his eyesight, he wished that someone would eventually solve the problem.

One day, while watching the Rachel Ray Show, Joy saw a woman with Stargardt disease see her sister for the first time in 5 years, thanks to a pair of ‘magic’ glasses developed by e-sight. Praying for a miracle, she wrote Rachel Ray about it – and the family was soon invited to the show!

Watch what happened next in this heartwarming video:


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Teacher in Ghana Draws MS Word on Blackboard, Because School has No Computers




In today’s modern world, it is almost impossible to imagine life without computers and smartphones but there are actually many parts in the world where these gadgets only exist on paper – or on one creative teacher’s blackboard!

A teacher in Ghana named Owura Kwadwo Hottish recently went viral for his rather unique approach in teaching his students about computers.

While Kwadwo has used a computer in his studies, the school where he is teaching was so poor that they don’t have a computer for the students to use. But he still wants his students to learn about computers; thus, he did something that only the most dedicated and creative teacher could ever pull off: he drew ‘screenshots’ of MS Word on the blackboard!

Photo credit: Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

You’ve got to give this teacher props for his creativity, especially because the drawing must have taken him hours to make – and he could have done it faster if he used a projector or gave the students printed handouts but those are most likely not available to them as well.

Kwadwo’s impressive drawing and its rather sad background had made the post go viral, with people praising him for his creativity but also making many realize just how blessed they are despite their current situations.

Photo credit: Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

This committed teacher is truly one of a kind.

Many people are commenting that it’s a good idea to get this teacher a laptop so he could teach his students the lessons in a better manner even if the school does not have electricity to power up a regular desktop computer.

Photo credit: Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

We do hope that Kwadwo’s students learn a lot from his drawings even if they can’t use a real computer yet but we are also hoping his story would serve as a lesson to many students around the world to appreciate what they have and to learn as much as they could with the resources they have at hand.

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14-Year-Old Girl Creates An App To Help People With Alzheimer’s After Grandma Started Showing Signs Of It




Timeless Image

Alzheimer’s Disease is a tricky disease to deal with. People with Alzheimer’s disease are not the only ones getting affected by it, but the family members and all the people around them are drastically affected, too.

This is what 14-year-old Emma Yang experienced when she was around 8 years old. Her grandma began showing signs of forgetfulness. Since then, her interest in helping her grandmother grew.

Timeless 1

When she was about 12 years old, she explored the world of technology and combined it with her love for helping other people. Thus, the birth of an idea for her first application called “Timeless”.

Her vision for the app is to allow people with Alzheimer’s disease to recall faces of friends and loved ones, and with the help its facial recognition, allow the user to know how they are related to the people in the photos.

Timeless 2

If the person is alone with other people he or she could not recognize, they can use the app to capture a photo of these people and the app will try to automatically identify the faces.

The project is quite ambitious for a child to do, but the potential is big. Yang shared in an interview. “I saw a lot of things about how AI and facial recognition were really evolving and being applied in more and more areas, especially healthcare”.

Thankfully, she has mentors that are kind enough to share their knowledge to her and help her build the app of her dreams.

Other features of the app include reminders, contacts, a “Me” page which reveals the patient’s basic information and an alert to remind the patient that they just called this contact recently.

The app is also intended for the caregivers which they can use to assign or follow schedules or call their patients’ loved ones in case of an emergency.

Timeless is a very nice app for people with this kind of disease. Yang said, “There are no apps on the market that really help Alzheimer’s patients with their daily lives. A lot of times people think that it’s not going to help, or the elderly can’t really use technology, but in fact, if you strategically introduce it to them, it’s actually a possibility and can really benefit their lives.”

Watch the amazing girl’s video below:

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Phone Explodes in 12-Year-Old Boy’s Hand, Makes Him Lose Finger and Vision in One Eye




Do you let your kids use cellphones? You might want to put limits to the time you let them use phones – and warn them to never use phones that are connected to the socket because such could be dangerous!

A 12-year-old boy named Meng Jisu recently lost a finger, the vision on his right eye, and a rib after his cellphone exploded in his hand. The incident happened in Du’an Yao Autonomous County, Hechi, Guangxi Province.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

The phone was a model made in China, a Hua Tang VT-V59. According to Jisu’s mother, the mobile phone was around 2 years old was handed down to the boy by a relative who had gotten himself a new phone.

It was Jisu’s dad who had charged the phone in the room but when the boy retrieved it, the gadget exploded right in his hand. His sister ran to his room after hearing a loud bang and was shocked to see the boy covered in blood.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

Jisu had lost consciousness right after the phone exploded. His terrified parents rushed him to the hospital; although they did not bring along the shredded remains of his index finger.

The chief physician at the local People’s Hospital, Lan Tianbing, confirmed that it was not possible to reattach the severed finger even if Jisu’s parents brought it because the boy’s hand was so severely damaged.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

Circulation was cut off to his remaining fingers, putting him in danger of also losing the rest of them. So, doctors concentrated on saving the fingers while another team handled his broken rib.

Shards of glass were also retrieved from his right eye which was so badly damaged that he has lost his vision on that eye. It took doctors 5 hours to remove shards from his hand and face.

Thankfully, doctors said he would eventually regain 98% function of his hand in the future but it is likely that his right eye will remain blind.

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