La Trinidad Residents Transform Their Homes into a Giant Mural… Stunning!

The little town of La Trinidad, Benguet in the Philippines is a great place to visit if ever you are traveling to Baguio City, especially if you would like to try and pick some strawberries for yourself. But while tourism has been booming in the area these recent years, it could not be denied that the houses on the hillside have become an eyesore to the tourists of the community.

Old homes intermixed with new ones might look interesting yet they have also gone drab and boring, compared with how tourists expect the place to look – especially considering that La Trinidad is becoming a popular place to visit.

Taking cue from the painted favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, artists have started converting La Trinidad’s homes into stunning works of art. While the process is lengthy (and costly!), it did not immediately came into fruition due to resistance from the homeowners. Also, after majority of the paintings have been finished, some new homes were built in the area; thereby ruining the overall view that was almost closely achieved by the painters.

Today, much of the area has been painted – and you’ve got to admit the finish product looks stunning! Check out this artist rendition of the plan formulated to paint the homes – you can best appreciate it by looking away from the photo and seeing the overall painting plan.

The La Trinidad mural project features some huge flowers and strawberries – stuff that Baguio City and nearby areas are very well known for.

What do you think of these amazing photos?

Painted Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

The painted Favelas in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) have become a major tourist attraction in the area, especially with the different communities showcasing different designs.

These extraordinary pieces of art come in different shapes and sizes, making them more interesting in the eyes of tourists.

But why fly all the way to Brazil to enjoy these stunning designs when you can just visit La Trinidad for some cool shots?