Drunk Lady Receives Strange Letter after Stranger Finds Condoms in Her Purse

When you go out partying with friends or especially when you are by yourself, make sure to take care of your personal belongings and don’t get too drunk that you’d forget where your things are or how to get back home!

One lady discovered the weird side of getting drunk and losing her purse after receiving a strange letter from a stranger who found, errrrrrr, condoms in her purse.

Hayley Minn, 25, was out with her friends at a bar in London when she got drunk. She lost her purse in the process but was quite happy when she received it in the mail after 6 weeks.

But her happiness soon turned to dismay when she read the sender’s letter, telling her that he had gone through her purse to look for an address so he could send the purse back but found some ‘naughty’ stuff inside.

Hinting that he likes girls who ‘take extra care’ and that she shouldn’t feel embarrassed (although he mistakenly used the term ‘embracement’), it was easy to deduce that he meant condoms. While he didn’t directly tell her he had taken her condoms, he told her to email him when she receives the purse back – and perhaps to demand that he return the condoms? Hmmmmm.

What creepier is that he knows her actual address because he did send the purse to her by mail. He also advised her to take care of her belongings the next time she goes out because she was ‘the most beautiful person he has ever seen’. Creepy.

Let’s just hope that Hayley does not only follow his advice but also move to another apartment! The letter sounds so creepy that it might be possible she’s got a stalker now.

H/T: Elite Readers