Mcdonald’s Wins The Hearts Of Their Customers With Their V-day Gimmick

Valentine’s day is a day for lovers and all those who are in love. For those who are single, this is their most dreaded days.

They dread the day where they will see flowers and people in love all throughout their Facebook News. The day where everywhere they go, couples are celebrating.

For those who have just broken up, this will be a cold reminder of how it was when they were still with their ex.

For those who are single since birth, this is also a cold reminder of what they think they are missing.


Establishments and stores have been creating gimmicks to lure people in as their customers. And this Valentine’s, it seems that McDonald’s nailed it. It was successful in creating a fun way to celebrate the day without putting aside those who are single and “grieving.”

Nailing it!

Mcdonald’s Giselle Plaza in Pasay City, Philippines thought of a great way to give love to their customers this Valentine’s day.

On the day itself, they decorated their counter with balloons and placards that aim to give humor to every status that their customers are in.

Of course, there is a line meant for those who are in love.

Mcdo 3


But, Mcdonald’s surely won’t want their single customers to be left out, would they? So there is also a line dedicated to the single customers.

Mcdo 2


But of course, there’s more.

There is also a line for those who have been “friend-zoned.”

Comment even said that he feels that this line will have the longest line in the store. What do you think?

Mcdo 4


How about those who have recently broken up with their ex? Of course, there is a line for them, too.

Mcdo 1


And lastly, for those who were already able to move on. There is a line for them, too.

Mcdo 5


Of course, people don’t have to follow these, but hat’s off to Mcdonald’s for making everybody feel special on Valentine’s day.