Jimmy Fallon Falls Out of Chair After Learning He Could Have Dated Nicole Kidman

Both of them are happily married now – Jimmy Fallon to Nancy Juvonen and Nicole Kidman to Keith Urban – yet this did not stop Jimmy from falling off his chair upon learning that he could have dated Nicole when they first met!

It certainly came as a shock to Jimmy that Nicole could vividly remember the first time they met because he certainly could not forget that either. However, what truly embarrassed him is her memory of the event and that she was actually interested in dating him yet he had appeared disinterested!

I bet he’s wishing for a time machine now because at the time, he was too star-struck to speak with Nicole while she was too embarrassed because she thought he was not interested in her or that maybe he was gay. LOL

Watch the hilarious moment Nicole dropped the bomb on Jimmy during a guesting in his show:

Here’s a bonus video of the two playing a Box of Lies: