Hilarious Maid’s FB Account Shares Photos of Handsome ‘Okay Okay’ Man

With millions of accounts on Facebook, it’s always great to find a rare gem that makes you feel good – and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the account of Lyn Dela Torre whom netizens have dubbed as ‘Enday’ (Inday, a term often used for Visayan housemaids in Manila).

The account is old but has recently become active, with hilarious posts from a housemaid who supposedly works in Marikina but comes from Davao City. Many of the posts were about her ‘Madam’, a rather strict woman who supposedly just pretends to do ‘zomba’ (Zumba) and doesn’t give proper benefits to the maid.

Netizens had a good laugh reading her posts, with some even urging her to post a photo of her Madam.

Recently, someone from the family was hospitalized and Enday had to do a lot of things, including buy medicines, but she discovered a handsome guy at a nearby ‘okay okay’ (ukay ukay) store.

Instead of buying medicines, she shared photos of the ‘Okay Okay’ Man on her account, all the while telling her Madam that the queue was rather very long at Mercury; thus, it supposedly took her a very long time to come back after buying medicines. LOL.

This Enday even bravely shared photos of the store where her ‘Okay Okay’ Man is working at – and a number of locals confirmed that this was certainly a store in Marikina! It seems that this ‘Okay Okay’ Man is for real, huh?

Perhaps this ‘Okay Okay’ Man would also become a viral sensation, especially because of his looks and how Enday describes him as the ‘Carrot Man’ of her life. LOL.

But Enday was shy. While she seems to be a regular visitor to the Ukay Ukay shop after finding the ‘Okay Okay’ Man, she has not summoned the courage to ask for his name!

Netizens are urging her to make the move or else she might end up losing all her money on the ukay ukay items she pretends to need just so she could hang out at the shop and be with this handsome guy.

Image credits: Facebook / Dela Torre Lyn