Nurse Finds Out BF is Cheating after He’s Rushed to Hospital with Mistress

A nurse on duty at a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan had the shock of her life when her long-time boyfriend was rushed to the emergency room after meeting a horrible accident. He was in a coma and the nurse was certainly terrified, thinking he might die.

But her fear turned into rage when another woman was wheeled into the emergency room. This woman was crying because she and her boyfriend met an accident and he was in a coma – it turned out the boyfriend she was talking about is the same man the nurse is crying over.

It turned out the man was cheating on his girlfriend.

The shocked nurse couldn’t help but share her experience on social media, posting on a Chinese Facebook page called ‘Complain Boyfriend’.

According to the nurse, she was on a night shift at the time and had been texting her boyfriend of 3 years like she usually does when she’s at work. He bid her goodnight and told her he was going to sleep but an hour later, he rushed to the hospital.

Staying as professional as she could be, the nurse remained calm and listened while her colleagues interviewed her boyfriend’s mistress.

She later wrote:

At that time the hospital received two car accident cases and to my shock, one of them was my boyfriend! He was already in a coma when he was brought in but the other patient who was together with him only suffered from some abrasions and was still conscious. That was his mistress.

Heartsick, I listened as the doctor asked his mistress how the accident happened and she told him that they were on their way to Kaohsiung for a short getaway when they got into an accident. All I could do was listen to her story while helping the doctor but inside, my heart was bleeding.

What a way to find out your man is cheating! But she’s lucky to get away from him before they were married.

Do you think it was karma that brought the accident to the cheating pair? Definitely!