Watch: Kids Were Made to Choose Between Gift for Self or for Family

If you were to choose a gift for yourself or your family, what would you pick? Of course, the answer to that question might involve some deep thinking and might be affected by various circumstances yet many of us would probably choose a gift for our families, right?

But kids might have a different idea, especially if they were made to choose between something that they had always wanted and something they knew their family wanted.

For example, with a brand new toy for your taking, would you still choose to give your mom the ring she’s never had in her entire life? Of course, that is just an extreme example yet if given that choice, which one would you pick?

We’ve had different childhood experiences and upbringing; thus, our answers might not be the same. But if kids were asked the same question, what would you think their answers will be? Well, I was actually expecting most of them to pick out the toys for themselves but, boy, they sure surprised me!

Check out this heartwarming video and listen to why they chose gifts for their families instead of themselves. Warning: You might want to grab some tissues because their touching answers could make you cry!

Christmas Gifts for Poor Kids

While many rich kids do not have the problem of receiving gifts because they most likely have more than one under the Christmas tree, millions of poor kids around the world do not get even one gift for themselves.

This is the reason why many people choose to share their blessings with the less fortunate kids during Christmas time, providing these young children with food, clothes, or toys to make them smile even for just one day in a year.

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