Gross Facts About Your Phone That You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many things that disgust us everyday. It can be the dirty toilet seat in a restaurant or a filthy seat in the bus. It can also be the nasty-smelling food your co-worker takes out for lunch.

But are you aware that your reliable smartphone may also turn out to be stomach-churning that you’ll never want to touch  it again?

gross facts about mobile phone

Here are some gross facts about your phone, according to NWB Trending.

1. “Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.”

This is basically bad news for people addicted to taking food porn posts. I bet majority of them don’t even consider washing their hands after posting mouth-watering dish images on Instagram.

2. “Some phones are dirtier than a subway toilet.”

If you can’t imagine yourself taking a pee at a public toilet, try to imagine the things that you touch after using your smartphone.

3. “Nearly 1 in 5 people drop their phone in the toilet.”

Sadly, I belong to this statistic. And yes, I did something sickening to recover my phone.

4. “Tobacco leaves, metal shavings, dust, and makeup have been found in phones.”

This comes as no surprise since we practically place our phones in any place possible.

5. “Face powder is notorious for clogging speakers.”

Whenever we take calls, we put our phones so close to our faces that the loose powder we applied inevitably goes to the gadget’s speaker. I can’t imagine what kind of bacteria started thriving on our speakers because of that.

6. “Mites crawl in through the headphone jack.”

Now this is one information totally shocked me. Creepy crawlers inside my phone make me never want to touch it again.

7. “Scientists have found a way to charge phone using urine.”

While this information may disgust majority of people, I actually find it amusing how scientists devised a way to save energy and make good use of our waste.

Watch the informative video below.