Dad Tries to Prank 2-Year-Old Daughter with “Worst Christmas Gift”, But Girl Loved It

It is said that kids these days are so entitled that they won’t feel happy with ordinary gifts, especially because everyone seems to have high expectations for Christmas. But some would say that this all depends on the kids’ upbringing and a child’s individual disposition – and that’s perfectly true!

Photo credit: Justice Mojica / Twitter

One dad tried to prank his 2-year-old daughter with the “worst Christmas gift”, but her response got everyone laughing. Many think that kids should be raised that this girl because she knows how to appreciate everything, no matter how ‘boring’ or ‘ordinary’ the gift might be.

Justice Mojica (who goes by the screen name LGNDFRVR) thought that it was a good idea to prank his daughter into thinking that she’s getting a Christmas gift, but he actually wrapped a piece of banana instead of a toy or any other real gift. Unsure how 2-year-old Aria Mojica would react, dad Justice knew he just had to capture the moment on camera.

As little Aria received the present, she was truly excited about it. She didn’t know what is inside the gift her parents gave her, but she was excited to see what’s underneath the wrapping paper. A lot of kids would have been disappointed to see that the carefully wrapped gift actually contained a banana from their kitchen counter, but this kid is different.

Banana!” she squeals with delight upon seeing the food item. She happily gives it to her mom, asking her to peel it. When mom was done peeling the banana, the little girl happily grabbed it back and took a bite. It might have been the “worst Christmas gift”, as her dad describes, for this grateful little girl, it was fantastic!

I didn’t think she would get excited for this. We knew that she was really grateful, but we were really taken back,” dad Justice proudly shared.

The video has actually gained close to 20 million views, just 3 days after Justice posted it on Twitter. Wow.

Watch the adorable clip here:

What is Disposition?

Disposition is a person’s inherent character and qualities of mind. For example, a person with sunny disposition is often cheerful and does not easily feel sad, even in difficult situations.