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Family Surprises Dad with Shoes He’s Always Wanted, Video Goes Viral

We all have that something that we wish we could have but just could not get it because it might be too expensive to buy with the little resources we have. And it would certainly be wonderful to receive that thing as a surprise gift at an unexpected moment, huh?

That’s what happened to one dad who was about to celebrate his 52nd birthday. His family surprised him with the shoes he has always wanted!

Photo credit: Twitter user @_MadreNana

Twitter user @_MadreNana shared a video of the moment she and her family surprised their dad with the shoes.

According to the young woman, her dad had been eyeing a pair of shoes in the style he really wanted for about 2 years. Due to financial constraints, their dad was not able to buy the pair of shoes since he put the needs of his family first.

Photo credit: Twitter user @_MadreNana

What he didn’t know is that his family knew about his wish and had worked hard to finally get him the shoes he wanted.

We siblings including my mum decided to surprise our dad by buying him an advance gift which he has been eyeing for almost 2 years but couldn’t get himself one,” wrote Twitter user @_MadreNana.

Here’s to you, my old man. Happiest 52nd birthday; I love you, we all love you.

The young woman added heart emojis to her post.

Photo credit: Twitter user @_MadreNana

In the video clip that @_MadreNana shared on her Twitter account, she shared what happened as they took their father to a Onitsuka Tiger shoe shop at their hometown in Malaysia.

Their dad could be seen trying to check out the shoes displayed at the store. Then, one of @_MadreNana’s sisters approached their dad, handing over a paper bag. She tells him it’s a gift for his birthday and he immediately checked what’s inside the box.

Photo credit: Twitter user @_MadreNana

As the rest of the family greeted him a happy birthday, the old man cried tears of joy. The rest of the family also cried as they felt how happy their father was for his birthday surprise.

Watch the sweet video here:

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