Durex’s #DoNotDisturb Ad Aims to Promote Closer Relationships Minus the Gadgets

Are you closer to your phone than with your partner? While that question might sound quite outrageous, the reality just might surprise you.

In an ad by condom brand, Durex, we are given a glimpse into just how we look to outsiders when we are constantly on our phones, even if we’re on a date or a vacation getaway!

Of course, many would defend mobile phone users, saying that technology has helped us preserve memories for the future but have we stopped to consider what memories we are trying to preserve when we are not even creating memories to begin with? Yeah, it’s quite a deep thought considering that this is an ad from a condom brand but the reality is even harsher…

In this Durex ad, six pairs of couples were treated to a fun-filled vacation as a social experiment of sorts. Three of the pairs were asked to deposit their gadgets for the duration of the vacation while the three others were allowed to keep theirs and use these as they please.

Photo credit: Durex/YouTube

Photo credit: Durex/YouTube

The arrangement received mixed reactions, with some of those allowed to use their gadgets expressing happiness that they can document their trip.

Which group of couples did you think had more fun compared with the other group? While it can be said that those who kept their phones had lots of fun photos of share with friends and look back on when they get home, the ones who didn’t have gadgets actually had more fun!

The latter group expressed their observations, stating that they experienced more closeness with their partners and were able to enjoy the moment more because they weren’t constantly checking their phones or taking photos. In fact, one of the couples allowed to keep their gadgets fought because of their gadget usage.

So, what’s the lesson here? Well, technology is great and useful but let’s not let these gadgets stop us from having a good time with our loved ones…