What it Really Means When Married Men Stare at Other Women…

It is an age-long cause of fights between married couples – the man staring at other women even when his wife is by his side. Why do men do it, anyway?

Are they checking out other women who are more beautiful than their wives so they can, perhaps, hang out with these sexier girls when the wife is not round? Or is it because the brain is programmed to tell the eyes to search for pretty sights but does not really do the action because the man feels his wife is less attractive?

Well, Prager University has supposedly found the best answer to that – and it’s not what you think [or is it because men have finally found the perfect excuse to tell their wives? Hmmmm] Whatever is true, this video could save a lot of relationships.

Monogamous Relationships

For majority of cultures in the world, people are supposed to practice a monogamous relationship. Polygamous marriages are often frowned upon in many societies but are practiced in many, including by Muslims or tribal communities.

Who is right and who is wrong? Well, who can say who is right and wrong, anyway? Our beliefs are shaped by what we had grown in; thus, people who live in communities where polygamous marriage is practiced will surely think there is nothing wrong with it while a person from a different society will think the opposite thing.

So, if your husband is looking at another woman, is he thinking about getting into a polygamous relationship with her? Hmmm that might be his fantasy, a thing he could be wishing in his daydreams, but that does not mean he would act on it. Sigh. It really is difficult to make assumptions at all times that the man is trying to cheat or wants to do it just because he was looking at another woman.

Therefore, ladies, save yourself the heartache by simply believing this video – your man wants you! He may look at other women but his heart belongs to you.

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