Construction Worker Goes Viral for Reading Interior Design Book

In the Philippines, Labor Day is celebrated every May 1 in honor of laborers. But while this day is often marked with protest from various sectors, especially from leftist groups, there are a number of people who made this day extra special.

For instance, there’s this construction worker who went viral for reading an interior design book during his break time from work.

He was spotted by netizen Sarah Grace Regala who posted his photo on social media. The unknown guy could be seen poring over the pages of a book, intent on studying whatever it was that he was reading.

Regala wrote:

Photo credit: Sarah Grace Regala / Facebook

While I treat this day as an ordinary Lay-Bored Day, this man is different. This construction worker, reading an interior design book during lunch time, proves that no one can stop you if you really want to learn and perfect your craft.

He may not have a college diploma, an impressive CV or a big amount in his bank account , but this man has a heart and hunger to learn. What’s our excuse then? #neverstoplearning #perfectyourcraft #laborday

The photo had since gone viral, gaining over 9k shares and over 32k reactions on social media. Several netizens commented how this man was surely commendable for trying his best to learn something new; although some also wondered whether Regala actually bought this guy the book he was reading.

Isn’t he amazing? What can you say about this guy?

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is a special public holiday for working people. It is celebrated on different dates, depending on the country. In the US and Canada, Labor Day is on the first Monday of September. In the Philippines, it is set every May 1.