Waitress Earns Praise for Going Out of Her Way to Help Elderly Diner with Special Needs

A waitress at the Mason Dixon Family Restaurant in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania has earned the praise of the online community for her selfless act in making one of the restaurant’s customers feel extra special.

According to an eyewitness, Carlotta Shelton Lopata, who also happened to be dining at the restaurant one night, she noticed an elderly diner with special needs called out to the waitress, complaining that her foot hurt.

Now, making sure that a customer’s order was correct and timely delivered was something that this waitress is supposed to do – helping a customer’s hurting feet feel better is something that’s not on her job description yet the girl did not even hesitate.

She took the elderly woman to the side, took off her shoe, massaged her feet a little bit, before fixing the shoe back in place.

According to Carlotta, the kind waitress spent about 10 minutes with that elderly diner, not minding what others would think about what she was doing or even trying to impress other people.

She was just genuinely trying to help this elderly diner who happened to have special needs and could not relieve the pain on her feet or fix her shoes by herself. What a wonderful girl!

Touched by what she witnessed, Carlotta took a photo and shared it on Facebook where it had gone viral after it was picked up by FB page, Love What Matters. Here’s the post:

“So, I came into Mason Dixon Family Restaurant today for lunch and an elderly woman with special needs was telling a…

Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, January 22, 2016

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