Clever Dog Goes Viral for Sneaky Moves to Get Food from Kitchen Counter

Everyone knows that dogs are smart and loyal creatures, but have one dog recently went viral for the sneaky moves it did to get food from the kitchen counter! Is your dog as smart as this one?

Dog Finds Way to Get Food from Kitchen Counter

A lot of pet owners have long known that dogs can be clever and can find ways to solve certain problems or challenges, especially when it comes to escaping from the house or anything involving food.

That seems to be the case in this video shared by Twitter user @buitengebieden_ who left her dog alone in the kitchen, thinking that it wouldn’t do anything to reach the food on the counter.

But this fur parent was wrong. So, so wrong!

Photo credit: @buitengebieden_

Moments after leaving the room, the fur parent heard noises from the kitchen – and realized that the dog was pushing a chair across the room.

Perhaps the food on the counter was really for the dog or maybe leftovers, because the pet owner wasn’t too concerned that the dog could actually reach it. Instead, the person decided to film the whole thing – because it’s not every day that you can see a dog doing this. That’s for sure.

In the video, the dog could be seen intently pushing the chair across the room completely unaware that its fur parent was taking the video and following its progress across the kitchen.

Photo credit: @buitengebieden_

Quite amazingly, the dog was able to push the chair up against the counter to reach the food. Moments later, it was already enjoying the feast on the counter – and didn’t even look too guilty upon seeing its fur parent entering the kitchen with a video camera. LOL.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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