Cat Caught Trying to ‘Deliver’ Bag of Meatballs in Hilarious Viral Video

These days, there are so many food delivery service options for us to choose from. There’s Food Panda and Grab Food, for example. But there seems to be a new type of ‘delivery’ service that got a lot of netizens laughing: Food Cat! LOL.

A cat was caught on camera as it calmly walked down the street with a bag of meatballs in its mouth. The netizen who took the video had a good laugh about the scene, so he posted it on Facebook with a hilarious caption. But he didn’t expect that it would actually go viral. To date, the video has over 1.6 million views in just 4 days! Wow.

Food Delivery Service

Mom asked me to buy meatballs.. told me to ask for a lot of vegetables,” netizen O.g. Rock joked as he shared the video on his Facebook account.

Photo credit: O.g. Rock / Facebook

Netizens really had a good laugh over the video, with many commenting that they hope they can also train their pets to do the same so that they won’t have to pay a delivery man to get their food. That’s a joke, of course. But don’t we all wish that’s possible?

Chill Mode

Other netizens pointed out that they love the attitude of this cat as it strolled down the street with that bag of meatballs in its mouth. They think it’s so “chill” and that it did not even mind that O.g. Rock was taking a video. It just went on its way, intent on making that ‘delivery’.

Of course, everyone is wondering whether this cat got that bag of meatballs from a kind meatball seller or if it just got that pack while the seller wasn’t looking. Ooooops!

Check out this video:

What are Meatballs?

Meatballs are small balls made of ground meat, often added with other ingredients such as eggs, bread crumbs or flour, minced onions and garlic, minced vegetables, and other seasoning. It can be steamed or fried.

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