Brother Surprises Sister with Little “Gold Bar” She’d Always Wanted

A lot of siblings don’t really get along or are just not close enough to give each other gifts. But a brother in Malaysia surprised his sister with the little ‘gold bar’ she’d always wanted – and she was amazed because she didn’t really think he’d buy it for her!

Surprise Gift for Sister

Jennifer Ling had always wanted the “little gold bar” pendant that is so popular these days. She recently asked her brother to check out the price of this cute pendant after learning that he went to the gold shop.

I learned that my brother went to the gold shop due to the recent drop in the price of gold. Therefore, I asked him to help me see if they were selling ‘little gold bars’ which are very popular recently,” she wrote on Facebook.

Because her brother refused to tell her the price of the little gold bar pendant, she researched about it and shared a screenshot of the necklace and its price (RM300 or $73) on their family group chat. Still, her brother remained silent.

What she didn’t know is that her brother had already purchased the item and left it in her bedroom as a surprise. Yet it took her 2 days to find it! LOL

After two days, I came back home from my part-time job and took a shower before coming out of my room. My brother told me that he went to check out the price of gold,” she narrated.

He actually put the “little gold bar” on my bed already, [it’s] just that I was “blind” and I couldn’t see it at all!

Her brother could not believe that she was not able to find the surprise gift.

What were you doing in the room for so long???” he asked.

But Jennifer defended herself, saying that her brother rarely gives her any gifts so she didn’t actually expect that he would buy her this little gold bar. Isn’t he sweet?

Can You Buy a Gold Bar?

It is actually possible to buy a gold bar. But considering that a gold bar weighing 1kg costs around $64,300, not too many people could afford to buy one.

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