After Craving for Soap During Pregnancy, Woman Now Reviews Soap Brands by Taste

During pregnancy, a lot of women experience having strange cravings that they don’t usually want to eat before they got pregnant.

Craving for green mangoes is a popular thing, but others also crave for food that are difficult to find. For example, there’s someone who wants her husband to find black pineapples – even if that doesn’t exist. LOL.

But one woman from Indonesia recently viral for reviewing soap brands by their taste, something that she started doing after craving for soap during pregnancy. Weird, right?

Photo credit: Instagram / @khosikmubarok

Khosik Assyifa from East Java province in Indonesia developed a taste for soap while she was pregnant about 2 years ago.

She was taking a shower at the time when she accidentally tasted the soap. Liking the fruity taste, Khosik licked the bar. This made her crave the soap even more – and she began eating soap!

Photo credit: Instagram / @khosikmubarok

According to Khosik, she didn’t really feel unwell even after eating soap; she has not experienced bloating, nausea, diarrhea, or stomachache that one might think she would have because of the soap. Thankfully, her baby didn’t also seem affected by her soap-eating habits.

The 21-year-old woman admitted that she was embarrassed to tell her husband about craving for soap and would eat this in secret.

About a week ago, the young lady posted a video of her ‘reviewing’ some bars of soap by taste. It started out as a joke, but people were rather surprised that she actually appears to eat the soap in the videos! She would quickly become an internet star in the locality, with the video gaining over 270k views on Instagram.

Photo credit: Instagram / @khosikmubarok

Soon, people began to suggest what other soap brands she should also try. Amazingly, instead of just licking the soap, she actually enjoys it like a bar of ice cream on a stick! Whoa.