8-Year-Old Girl Chained to a Post As Punishment for Refusing to Go to School

Heartbreaking pictures of an 8-year-old chained to a lamppost after her mother tried to discipline her for not wanting to go to school have created a rage on social media.

A report by The Indian Express revealed that the minor was chained to a lamppost in a car parking complex in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The disturbing photos, which show a young girl in school uniform standing while sucking her thumb, have angered netizens from all over the world.


PHOTO CREDIT: Malaysian Anti Abuse Task Force/ Facebook

Reportedly, residents near the place of the incident alerted the police after seeing the girl in pitiful condition. The police immediately responded and learned from the girl that she was being punished by her mother for “misbehaving and refusing to go to school”. They were also informed that the mother of the girl would soon return to unchain her.

Ten minutes later, the mother arrived and admitted that she punished her daughter because she often didn’t want to go to school. After the child was unchained, the two were brought to the Subang Jaya district police headquarters for interrogation.

According to Assistant Police Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari, it was the first time the girl was chained. Later on, the mother was released with a stern warning not to do it again.

Netizens suspect that the photos were taken after school hours.

How to Discipline Your Child

How do you make your kids learn from their mistakes? Do you make them stand in the corner or take a time out to realize what they’ve done?

While we often equate the word discipline to punishment, the word literally means “teaching” and “learning”. This means we need to equip them with the right tools to correct their behavior.

Here are some positive parenting tips to discipline your child.

  1. Give your kid positive attention.
  2. Encourage them to make the right choices.
  3. Be firm in setting limits.