Child Remembers “Past Life”, Solves His OWN Murder!

How many of us pretended to have an imaginary friend or invented a “past life” back when we were kids? Well, I must confess I pretended I had a twin and would talk to her about how my day had been in school. I thought that was normal.

But for this kid in the video shared on YouTube by Strange Mysteries, he was not really inventing imaginary friends. It was just memories of his past life. Creepy, isn’t it?

Well, it is even more creepier when you learn just what transpires after people allowed him to lead them to a village where he said he once lived – and tell them exactly how he was murdered, where his body is buried, where the murder weapon was buried, and the identity of the killer!

Also, his birthmark corresponds to the exact spot where his forehead was wounded by the axe used in the murder. Really, really creepy…


The topic of reincarnation has always been fascinating to mankind, especially because it somehow “answer” the question of where spirits would actually go after death. So, does this mean there is no heaven or hell because souls are being reincarnated to new human beings? Where do new souls come from? And, if reincarnation was real, how come we can’t remember our past lives?

As religions go, reincarnation is something associated with eastern religions, especially in Indian religions such as Jainism. It is a common belief that people who are bad in the past life could get reincarnated into animals while those who are good get reincarnated into “higher” levels.

However, reincarnation is also a touchy subject which is often debated across the world’s many religions. In the western world, most people would laugh at the thought that someone could come back from the dead in another person’s body. Isn’t that like a possession?

The story of the child in the video is very difficult to explain yet for him to know all those details, don’t you think this is authentic evidence that reincarnation really happens?

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