7 Effective Ways to Minimize Exposure to BPA

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a synthetic chemical added to many commercial products and food. It is an essential material added to many common packaging items that avoiding it is actually almost impossible.

Exposure to BPA has also become a serious concern as it has many negative effects on health. However, although it is almost impossible to avoid BPA altogether, there are many effective ways to minimize exposure to it.

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Here are 7 effective ways to minimize exposure to BPA:

1. Avoid packaged food.

BPA is present in canned and plastic food items. To minimize exposure to BPA, avoid packaged foods. Go for fresh food items, instead. If unavoidable, check the label and watch out for plastic containers labeled with recycling numbers 3, 7 or “PC” as they are likely to contain BPA.

2. Use glass or glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

Sure, it may be heavier to use glass bottles or inconvenient to clean glasses all the time, but using them instead of plastic ones sure minimizes one’s exposure to BPA.

3. Avoid products with BPA.

There are many common items that have BPA, try to avoid your exposure to them. One common item that has BPA are receipts.

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4. Select BPA-free toys and items for babies and kids.

Babies and toddlers (and sometimes even older children) love to chew and suck toys and other baby items. Read the label and choose items that are labeled “BPA-Free”.

5. Avoid microwaving food using plastic.

Microwave can melt plastic that can therefore transfer the BPA to food. Avoid microwaving food inside plastic and use glass instead.

6. Store food in glass instead of in plastic containers.

Store food in glass instead of plastic containers. There are many glass products available that can be used from the fridge to your microwave that can also be used for serving.

Using glass jars instead of plastic one for storing food is one way to minimize exposure to BPA.

Using glass jars instead of plastic ones for storing food is one way to minimize exposure to BPA.

7. Use powdered infant formula instead of liquid ones.

Aside from being more expensive that powdered formula, liquid formula is stored in plastic which has BPA. Use powdered formula instead as they are less likely to absorb BPA from the container.

Source: Authority Nutrition